First Choice Remodeling Inc.


First Choice Remodeling Inc, offers compete residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family remodeling and maintenance. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service and workmanship, at an affordable price. We understand that your home is your most valuable asset. We treat each project like it is our own and pay very close attention to even the smallest of details.

Meet the owners:

As a team, we are unstoppable. With the two of us and the skill of our employees we can complete any project and ensure impeccable quality.

Tracy Roberts has been in the construction industry for over 17 years. He started right out of high school framing houses for a small home builder. His experience in framing has allowed him to master the trades of the roofing and siding industry. His attention to detail and the quality of his work led to other requests, such as, windows and painting. With Experience, Tracy had mastered the art of most all Exterior Remodeling.

Tracy then became interested in the interior side of remodeling, taking on projects for friends and family. Before long he was independently contracting with a small remodeling firm to help with their kitchen and bath remodels.

Tracy found his own place in the construction world in 2009 when he finally opened his own remodeling company. It is because of his attention to detail, the quality of his finished product, and his exceptional customer service that he continues to be successful.

Christina Roberts began her career in the remodeling business the day after she graduated high school when she was hired as an office assistant for a small remodeling firm. Within months, Christina was managing the showroom and helping clients select materials for their homes.

She was given the opportunity to work with the kitchen design program and before long was designing custom kitchens. Grasping the art of cabinetry, she would visit clients’ homes to measure for and discuss all options of interior remodeling. These discussions would include flooring and millwork, to cabinets and countertops. Within two years, at that firm, Christina was running her own projects.

After four years, Christina took on a role as a kitchen designer for a local cabinet design showroom. She was tasked with designing kitchens and overseeing the installation of the cabinets and countertops. Her range of clients included builders, contractors, homeowners and realtors. Her attention to the smallest of details ensured that her installations ran smoothly.

Tracy and Christina joined forces shortly after the startup of First Choice Remodeling. With Tracy in the field running the construction side of things and Christina handling the administrative duties they hit the ground running!

You will find that almost all of our work is completed in house. Our employees are skilled in all areas of new construction and remodeling, eliminating the middle man. This not only allows us to have a better.

This not only allows us to have a better relationship with our clients, but allows us to have better control of the job progress. From the initial consultation to years after your project is completed, we are here to answer your questions.